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Virtual Reality

I come from Grey San Francisco and Grey Los Angeles. Two powerhouse advertising agencies that set the tone for an epic career path. Overseeing the multi-million dollar accounts for NOKIA Enterprise Solutions and BMW North America, I gained an extensive understanding of the agency world. I worked closely with every division to sell in and achieve brand, creative and media objectives. I participated in global focus groups, generated competitive industry reports for consumer & B2B sectors and contributed strategies for new business opportunities. 

During my tenure, BMW North America successfully launched the all-new 3 Series convertible through print, out-of-home, online and television spots in National and Regional markets. If you recall a fiercely independent woman sawing off her right foot’s stiletto heel before putting the pedal to the metal then you’ve seen my strategy in creative form. Over twenty digital campaigns were initiated, analyzed, and rotated for optimal effectiveness to direct traffic to the ever-changing inventory. Campaign content was created leveraging backend technology that allowed for real-time, relevant messaging elevating the campaign's impact and brand image. In-store promotional pieces delivered awareness of the zero cost maintenance program and BMW’s new Holiday campaign hit national television screens and flooded additional targeted channels to reach consumers at all touch-points. Nokia saw the successful launch of three iconic enterprise product campaigns, which included prestigious outlets such as NYC Times Square.

With two top tier agencies, a luxury automotive and a premium enterprise technology client under my belt, I transitioned client-side. I was asked to join PACE, the 3D creative partnership with award-winning director James Cameron to develop a brand identity that showcased the company’s benchmark achievements in both 2D and 3D arenas while positioning the brand as the “thought leader” in technology and on-set workflows. I developed the strategy and presentations for key industry alliances with Disney and Sony. Worked with top ranked industry summits to develop goal oriented speaking engagements that featured key PACE representatives as well as other high level industry professionals from establishments such as the Director’s Guild of America, The American Society of Cinematographers and ESPN. I designed and oversaw the distribution of strategic collateral pieces leveraging the “Entertainment Has Changed” campaign to generate interest and secure project collaborations with high level directors, cinematographers, and industry giants such as Disney, ESPN and National Geographic. Oversaw the successful utilization of a public relations firm and all aspects related to PR efforts including the drafting of high priority editorial pieces in print and online environments for Variety, Hollywood Reporter, ICG Magazine, Fortune, and Marketsaw. I led the first panel discussion into “Advertising’s role within the world of 3D production and its ability to impact the consumer experience” during a premier motion picture summit which featured James Cameron as the keynote speaker. Yet somehow my favorite moment through all of that was securing premier sponsorship alliances for a top tier entertainment summit at no financial cost to the company.

In a "secret weapon"/consultant capacity, I explored the unique challenges and perspectives of developing brand image, messaging, creative and growth models for a vast number of industries ranging from entertainment to technology to service and retail.  One client, the official sash provider of Miss America, received a B2B strategy that resulted in a distribution partnership that provided access to 80,000 retail locations. This resulted in a 350% revenue growth over a two year span. Paralleling this strategy was a consumer driven campaign to increase brand awareness amongst the newly acquired audience and a growth strategy that expanded the product line into strategically identified emerging verticals that will stabilize revenue streams.  This was an exciting opportunity to answer the question "If you're not Miss America or graduating from college, who wants to buy a sash?" Think big and you'll begin to touch the surface of the opportunities that are now on their horizon.

With the rise of the startup movement came the opportunity to join SlotRight, a boutique agency with top-tier client list including Infiniti, Sony Pictures, DearFoams, and Splendid. As an equity partner and Global Brand Strategy Director, I worked in tandem with the CEO to develop the corporate strategy for pursuing VC funded startups with a minimum investment of $5million. Before being sold, Slotright took on the complete brand strategy and product development of a tech-based startup looking to gain market share in the e-commerce space. Under my strategic direction, a full market analysis and an in-depth review of the client's initial concept led to a strategic shift in the company's target audience, a complete revamp of the user experience and tailored adjustments to the core product. This resulted in an accurate setting for establishing the brand’s identity and go to market strategy.

Today we find ourselves where technology is once again changing the landscape of entertainment and with it advertising. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are two phrases dominating conversations. The intrigue is there but the understanding of exactly how to utilize this amazing new platform remains unknown. Leveraging my unique and extensive understanding of the VR platform, I began laying out avenues for merging the ad world with the immersive technology. In doing so, I identified lucrative gaps in content strategies between the OTT giants (Netflix, Hulu and Amazon) and the newcomers (Facebook Watch, IGTV, and yes...even Apple). From this, I developed several original programming series and sold in shows adding content creator and Executive Producer to my portfolio in traditional viewing and emerging distribution.


The point is, I've had some fun. I created Transitional Content   that will lead the future of entertainment. I've inked the roadmap for today's biggest OTT streaming providers and proven that I know how to merge a unique technologically-driven platform, forward-thinking brands, and an intelligent consumer audience together so that everyone wins. The question now becomes who will we align as the next key players to continue this amazing movement in entertainment. I have suggestions. Lots of strategic suggestions.


Curious to know more?

There's a solution to that: a coffee, a chat and a signed NDA. 



This doesn't mean I shot a poorly compressed 360 video, watched someone's blog on "Introduction to VR" or put on an Occulus headset, once. I know the players, the lingo, and the varying levels of technology. I have a clear grasp of the industry's limitations & obstacles and the crucial strategies that will deliver mass adoption (from non-gamers). As you can see, it's a topic I enjoy discussing.



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