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While working with a fitness corporation to develop an overall brand strategy, I uncovered an opportunity to strengthen their branding efforts through the creation of an AFC social division. 


The majority of gym members and outside "fitness junkies" spoke frequently of the negative feedback they receive from non-active friends and family about their fitness regimen and the negative impact it has on their own mindset and fitness.


The majority of gym members and outside "fitness junkies" expressed interest in joining a gym and/or participating in third party fitness events yet not having someone to attend with. 


Utilizing this feedback, I developed the strategy and oversaw the launch of the AFC FIT Team. A team designed to expand reach and establish the brand as a true powerhouse in the fitness arena while providing an outlet for current members to showcase their fitness accomplishments and loyalty to the AFC program. 


To promote this new division, I created the campaign #neednewfriends in which current members were given campaign branded business cards to distribute to individuals that they believed would be a great "new friend" to have based on their interest in health and fitness. It was an excellent platform for extending the AFC brand, identity and overall membership while providing the AFC member with an "ice breaker" for making new like-minded fitness friends. 





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