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  • What Is Virtual Reality?
    In today's market, virtual reality has no clear definition. It can be a simple 2D 360 degree video, a computer generated environment in which you watch 2D content, a highly compressed 3D 360 video or a top tier 3D, no sitching immersive environment. The lines between the quality are blurred but there's no doubt each is playing it's part in changing the way consumers view entertainment.
  • Was Your Name Involved With Men's Little Black Book?
    Yes! We used the concept of "men's little black book" as part of a public relations campaign to launch Defined Proposals, a startup determined to redefine how men approach the wedding proposal. DEFINED PROPOSALS: Men's Latest Secret Weapon Has Women Saying YES! The Name Inside Men's Little Black Book is Redefining How Men Pop the Question. Los Angeles, Feb 7 2011 Until now, the overworked, highly stressed male has been left to his own devices to magically uncover the secret emotions and childhood fantasies of the female's ideal wedding proposal. With only the internet and a few buddies to pull ideas from - it's no wonder the testoterone driven population continues to leave women with tragic, meaningless and irrelevant wedding proposals. Enter the greatest secret weapon to hit men's little black book: Defined Proposals. Read The Entire Press Release Here.
  • Did You Work On The Bay To Breakers Ad Campaign?
    Yes. "Work it. Flaunt it." just one of the many creative pieces that came out of my creative brief which included print, OOH, online and a television spot. If you haven't participated in the 5K, one might suggest that you haven't seen "everything yet". Fun Fact: Enjoy your work and you'll get some damn good results.
  • What Is A "Driving Ambassador"?"
    (noun) An individual who would drive The 405 to The 101 to The 10 not just for love like the MEME suggests, but for fun. I've completed the Audi Driving Experience in Sonoma, CA driving every Audi model including the Audi R8 around Infineon Speedway (Formula One Race Track). I've spent time on the Porsche Driving Experience honing my black ice control and drifting in Los Angeles. Driven the Ferrari around just for fun. Next up.....BMW Driving Experience. Stay tuned.
  • Are you a Realtor?
    No but I did sell my own house in 5 days. When it comes to selling a house 95% of the work is advertising. It's knowing your product, your audience and getting the messaging to them. Well, that's what I do for a living. So, I.... captured the photography created a website created social media pages built facebook ads and targeted specific regions based on my identified audience created custom yard signs and flyers When potential buyers walked in, they had no idea I wasn't a listed realtor. In the end, I fielded questions on both the house and my interest in taking on the other realtor's marketing efforts. Fun Fact. Know Your Audience.
  • Were You Offered A Mercedes Benz Sales Position When Buying A Car?
    My Dad was considering a Mercedes Benz so I accompanied him to the dealership with my binder in tow. Inside were the models, competitor vehicles and a breakdown of the "on the lot" vehicles we wanted to view. The manager came out after hearing this and offered me a job on the spot. I was nineteen years old. Fun Fact: Strategy and preparation.
  • Do You Have A Small Business Consulting Rate?
    Yes. I'm proud to assist small businesses with their marketing efforts. If you have a product with annual revenue under $250,000 you can submit an application to take advantage of my small business consulting rate of $75 per hour. click here to complete an application.
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