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The Name Inside Men's Little Black Book That Is Redefining How Men Pop The Question.

Los Angeles, CA February 7, 2011


Until now - the overworked, highly stressed male has been left to his own devices to magically uncover the secret emotions and childhood fantasies of the female's ideal wedding proposal. With only the internet and a few buddies to pull ideas from - it's no wonder the majority of the testosterone-driven population continues to leave women with tragic, meaningless, irrelevant wedding proposals. Enter the greatest secret weapon to hit men's little black books: Defined Proposals. This revolutionary venture is redefining how men propose marriage by taking the guesswork (aka the mind reading) out of popping the question. By blending the unique details of a relationship with design and concierge services, Defined Proposals is making it easy for guys to give her the perfect wedding proposal. 


With an approach as simple as "talking about her", Defined Proposals is the perfect answer to every man's question of "how should I propose" and they have women everywhere saying YES! Grabbing the attention and respect of men and women alike, Defined Proposals is quickly becoming the hottest secret weapon to hit the relationship scene. In fact, the real question is who loves them more, the men or the women.


"In the fashion world, disaster strikes when two women show up wearing the same outfit. The same principle applies to the wedding proposal. No woman wants another woman's proposal story. They want their own. They want the love story that comes with finding Mr. Right," says Co-Founder____. "The challenge men are faced with is knowing what makes it their own. That's why our approach allows us to guide or carry them through the entire process while keeping the credit where it belongs - with him."


This unique team, led by four Southern California sisters, is setting a new standard for the marriage proposal and redefining how men pop the question. In doing so, Defined Proposals is not only giving every relationship the opportunity to have their own love story but expanding the boundaries of an already billion dollar wedding industry. 


"Whether it's the first time, a re-do or a renewal, men are turning to us to make it happen." says Co-Founder Lisa Perez. "We're defining love stories that will last for generations to come."







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